Merchant Rules

This page is a work in progress and may be changed/updated without notice.

If you move without notice, you will be dropped from the hunt. Without notice.

==If you do move, a notecard is included in the welcome kit and also the final kit. We always need both your SLurl as well as the LM.
==Please never send a loose LM or IM us to say you moved.


 -WALKTHRU- We no longer do a manual walkthru. Our hunt items are now scripted and register on a website. They are tracked by staff.
  • Please rez your hunt item upon receipt. 
  • You may cover it with a prim if you wish, just remember to remove it before the hunt starts. 
  • Add your gift anytime before the hunt starts. 
  • Anyone who gets cleared on the spreadsheet, then removes the gift/item will likely be dropped. This is a big no-no.
-SIGN- Your hunt sign must be displayed upon receipt. If, for some reason, you need to wait (ie: very limited prims) you must send a NOTECARD to the lead organizer explaining this or you risk being dropped from the hunt. The creator must place sign and hunt item (the person who will be loading the gift) or our scripts wont work.

-GROUP-  Group join is mandatory. You or the person you specified must join the group or you risk being dropped from the hunt.

-HINTS- Hints are mandatory. Even if you say “No hint given” or “No hint needed” we must have something to place on the blog for your store. If you fail to supply one, you are giving us full permission to create a hint for your store. It will be a very easy hint.


The hunt items are no longer renamable and will go into cloaking mode. They will rename themselves randomly, pulling words from items around them.

Please do not recolor or retexture the hunt item. Resizing is usually ok if it is **minimal.** Tiny hunt prims are a no-no. DO NOT remove our script. Do not set the item for sale. Just hide it and place the gift(s) inside.

Please do not place anything in the hunt item except your BOXED gifts and the next store's LM. Your own LM must be inside your boxed gift. You may place multiple boxed gifts in the same item.



    -Mini hunts within your store are no longer acceptable due to abuse.
    -You may, of course, still hide male and female gifts separately. You need to supply separate Male and Female hints and symbols are provided in the final box to distinguish your hunt items. Please use them.

    -Hiding the item inside a prim is not okay. The hunter must be able to see it by looking or camming, but not into other objects. Having a little corner of it sticking out is not acceptable.

   -Hiding the item outside the store is only okay if you sell merchandise outside the store (such as garden or outdoor furniture store) and its never okay to put it on the roof or out a window, etc. Please hide fairly.

You can set any perms on your gift that you wish, but we very strongly suggest 'no transfer' because it is not possible to limit the number of copies people can take. If yours is transferable, someone can take hundreds of copies and sell them.

Try to provide a pic of your gift INSIDE the box. The chances of your gift ending up in the trash quadruples if the person has to wear it or find a place to rezz a primmy decor item to see what it looks like.

You are agreeing in our application to provide a male and female or unisex item. Having only a dress as your hunt gift will get you a warning nc and you will be skipped until the male gift is added. Do it again and you will no longer be accepted to a Kastle/Electric hunt. (This is waived for MND7)

    -We do not allow visible decoys. Any hunt item must have a gift inside. An example of the item on the sign is perfectly fine - as long as the scripts are removed and it is not set for sale.
    -No item having the same name as the hunt item is allowed in your store set for sale. (In other words, trying to foil cheaters by tricking them into buying the wrong thing for $100L is not ok)

We do understand that things happen and you might not have the gift hidden exactly at midnight. For most people this should happen no more than once. Kindly inform the organizer right away via nc. Use your hint giver or hover text to explain your store has no gift. Inform us as soon as your gift is out. (You will be dropped after a couple of days.) Again, this is a situation that should only happen once, and it should be extenuating circumstances.

BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING - Be advised. We have a log of hunt issues going back years. If you didn't have your hunt item out right at midnight, chances are your store is listed with the time it was finally placed. We document if you contacted, what your excuse/reason was, and those who pile up small infractions (or who tend to end up dropped) will find themselves near the end of the path, waitlisted, rejected or, possibly, blacklisted from hunts. There are also stores blacklisted by Spooky but not by Lynn and vice-versa, so just because one of us accepted you doesn't mean the other will. This should not be viewed as a threat. Just so you know to stop and think before you are late out of laziness or pull out at the last minute because you dont feel like making anything.
Likewise, if you are always on time we know it. And we thank you.

How about some fun excerpts? :D

Blacklisted by SpookyConstant problem in past, got cleared on spreadsheet then removed gift. 3 Days into hunt contacted, asked to be notifed when fixed. 7 days into hunt went to follow-up and found item removed and sign gone. Sent her IM said banned from future. Kicked from group

Blacklisted by Spooky:  saw name on "to be dropped" list, took down sign and picked up item, IMed me asked to be removed. Said she hadnt been on a list before so... I explained she had been ready for hunt, but it started last night and she still has no gift. Said thats because she never made anything 

Blacklisted by Spooky: didnt rez hunt item then announces day before hunt in group chat was dropping out but wouldnt give reason - finally said reason was because he had sent moved card to lynn on accident because I never told him who was organizing the hunt - Lynn says didnt get- (not sure what that has to do with ability to rez hunt item) and felt that all was my fault because I didnt contact him personally because he doesnt have time to read notices - even tho he saw and was responding to the notice about him being late... kicked from group

Doing their Own Thing: Was in both paths. Had "I'm Sorry" nc in item still set for sale 1L 3 days into hunt, no response to nc's

Blacklisted by Spooky: Week into hunt, removed sign and item. No notice. Said RL was keeping him from leaving prim rezzed inworld. Store still there and functioning. Owner was online when I contacted. Already had item hidden and gifts out. I advised this was unacceptable unless store is gone. Kicked from group.

 ...... just a few that make us scratch our head and say huh??

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