DATES: June 21 - July 21, 2016

COST: $1

CAP: 20 per path (up to 5 paths)

MANDATORY: CHANGE!! You can have a female only, male only, both, unisex, home decor or petite gift!

MANDATORY: Add hint to online form

THEME: A midsummer night's dream is a tale of mischievous woodland fairies involved in the love affairs of 4 ancient Grecian people. Anything fantasy, fairy, woodland, Greek, etc would be perfect.

Adhering to the theme is not required for this hunt. Make what you wish, as long as it is not geared toward children. Adult gifts are fine. Adult sims are fine.



– Absolutely no children’s stores
– Items for regular sized avatars only (SMA's accepted for this hunt only)
–No breedables.
–No resellers.
–No malls
–No mall locations that dont land at store
–No stores selling less than 20 items
–No stores using mostly multi-vendors
–No carts or "mall stalls" (small square open-front mall stores)

GROUP: You, your representative, or your *often checked* alt will join the hunt group and remain until the end of the hunt.

SIGN: You agree to rezz your sign upon receipt **within easy sight of the landing.** The sign has several scripts and is self-updating. You will never be asked to replace it.

NON COMPLIANCE: You understand that stores in non-compliance prior to start of hunt will be dropped.

SPREADSHEET:  You understand that YOU are responsible for making sure your store is ready and that any correspondence from hunt staff is done via the spreadsheet. There is always a link provided right above the application form on the blog and a notecard is always included with the welcome and final kits.

NO DECOYS (they arent needed. Ours self-cloak)

LANGUAGE: You must read/write fluent English.

SCRIPTED ITEMS: Our hunt items are scripted and self-cloaking. The creator must rez hunt sign &  item and scripts must be allowed on your sim. These are hide and load.


–You may not be invited to group until around 2 weeks before start of hunt. Group is “Kastle/Electric Hunts” and the invite will come from KastleRockCouture Resident (a bot) or Spooky Mistwallow

–Hunt items go out about 4 days before start of hunt

–Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your welcome pkg or waiting list notification

–Incomplete apps will be disregarded. Apps with display names will be burned.

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