Thursday, January 9, 2014


Kastle /Electric Hunts Presents

A Midsummer Night's Dream 7

DATES:  June 21 - July 21, 2016
Wander back into the woods again this year, just watch out for those mischievous sprites!

There are several smaller paths to our hunt instead of one looooong one. How will this work? On the blog, each path has its hints and links on separate pages, again avoiding the need to do the hunt in one long, pre-arranged list. (find them top right once the hunt begins)

This hunt differs from our usual hunts. We will have a female only, male only, home & garden path, and also a path including items for small mesh avatars such as Petites, Immortals, etc.


PREVIEW - some of our participants have added their gift pics to a Flickr pool. The link is top right of page

BASICS -  All gifts are 1L each.
                  Touch any hunt sign for a companion HUD & group invite

STORES - Up to 20 per path.

HOW TO - (once the hunt starts) Pick a path at the top right of the page and click the link. When you're finished visiting those locations, pick another path!

GROUP - As always, you're welcome to join our hunt group for additional help. secondlife:///app/group/bf179fc7-af30-1bd6-c805-6321bdae242f/about

Good luck and happy hunting!!

Spooky Mistwallow
Organizer - Kastle/Electric Hunts

                     Kastle & Co Events


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  2. I cant find the preview link I missing it?

  3. Can't find the link to the Flickr pool of preview pictures.

    I found it myself....hope this works for everyone

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  6. Where are the links for Antarctica?

  7. When you look up at the upper right hand corner as you suggest, there is a link to SL Hunts which doesn't contain a listing of the Midsummer's Hunt.

    And the links by type like Housewares are nowhere to be found.

    The hunt has begun, and the links don't appear to be visible.